My review of Magnificat’s new book appears below:

A couple of weeks ago I received a copy of Magnificat’s daily devotional Praying with Saint Paul. It’s a great little resource, and it first came to my attention when Archbishop Burke of St. Louis recommended it in his pastoral letter launching the Year of St. Paul. The book is a response to Pope Benedict’s call for “special publications of Pauline texts” to mark the year. Each day’s entry features a short passage from a Pauline epistle, a brief catechesis, and a concluding prayer. The catecheses are theologically rich and very practical — pastoral is the word that best describes them. Today’s entry, for instance, explains how to live the theological virtues, especially love and hope. According to the book’s forward, it is “not an academic study guide,” but a handbook to help readers engage in the ancient practice of lectio divina, or “sacred reading.” By the end of one year, readers “will have reflected systematically on some of the most significant passages from the corpus of Saint Paul, from the Letter to the Romans to the Letter to Philemon.” Highly recommended.