“Paul has been described as a ‘man of three cultures’ taking into account his Jewish origin, Greek language, and his prerogative of “civis romanus,” as attested also by his name of Latin origin. …”

“This is the objective of the Pauline Year: to learn the faith from him, to learn from him who Christ is, to learn, in the end, the path for an upright life.”

— Benedict XVI, 2 July 2008

This site will serve as a forum to help Catholics better understand the Faith during the Year of St. Paul, which by declaration of Pope Benedict XVI commenced on the Solemnity of Ss. Peter & Paul, 29 June 2008, and runs until 29 June 2009. It will feature posts describing events and resources pertaining to the Pauline year and St. Paul more generally.  Along the way, we’ll draw from the “three cultures” that informed Paul’s theology.


2 Responses to “Why “Man of Three Cultures”?”

  1. Mike Davis Says:


    You might be interested to know that we set up a specialty store to honor the Pauline Year:


    We have a number of informative links listed there also. We are not aware of any other Catholic retailers who are doing anything like this.

    Thank you and God bless.


  2. Roberta Says:

    Another great resource – http://www.yearofsaintpaul.com The book A Still More Excellent Way makes St Paul “real” for today!

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